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See What These CLIENT's Say!

Marianne Cintron

”I was able to view a video to learn how to get the code my website designer needed. We installed the widget and within ten minutes my phone rang from someone visiting my website! I called the client immediately; she had viewed my website the previous day but left. She returned the next day, saw the prompt to speak to someone right away and she left her phone number and email . It was really cool. I called her after I finished a meeting and she was very impressed. I got her to sign up for my upcoming Free Training. Today another person left their number and when I returned her call, she was interested in volunteering. With COVID, many people are displaced workers. This may open opportunities to gain more volunteers and attendees to my webinars...leading to sales.”

Mark Haworth

”We received an email from "' I like the idea of making it easier for our website visitors to call us! We all know when its easier to do more potential customers will do it! Andy walked me through the very simply installation and we had the system up and running in just a few minutes. With in One hour we had our 1st call on the LEADSGENERATIONCOMPANY icon!! This very first call ordered one of our products! I can see this only getting better and better as more of our traffic visits our website and is exposed to this Talk with Me icon! I highly recommend this company. Thanks for a great tool! Russ Godfrey TEMCO Industrial Parts Washers”

Rocco DeLuca

”I was a little hesitant, but was at a point of trying new things to generate calls TO ME. My original intention of my website was to be a vehicle to create calls. So i tried free 14 day trial. I set it up on a Wednesday night, had a couple of glitches getting it set up, then got a call from LEADSGENERATIONCOMPANY rep and he finished for me. I got my first call about mid morning the next day. I quoted a $2000 job and 3 or 4 more calls before a week was up. I am keeping the 100 calls for $100 plan :)”

Jim Gillespie

”I was skeptical. So I called a dozen or so of the current LEADSGENERATIONCOMPANY customers, Every single one I contacted gave me a positive report. Most often they commented about how they have picked up new customers, who were surprised by the absolute speed of the resonse. We have just started testing but we see the same, our callers are stunned by the speed of the response. We've been able to go live with them in ten seconds or so and they are so caught off guard by that type of customer service.”


Samuel McClenton

”It was a choir to see whether there was traffic on my website. After hearing how LEADSGENERATIONCOMPANY could help I thought I will try it out. So far I'm getting people calling and asking questions about my business, whereas before that wasn't happening. I think the longer the widget stays on my site more people will engage. I've been with them only a month and excited to see where this type of marketing will take my website sales.”

kevin kearney

”LEADSGENERATIONCOMPANYs is the best value proposition going to find leads. It can be turned on and off as needed and adapted to the department you are promoting. We have started with golf membership promotion for Feb - April. Support was very helpful getting the software loaded and operating. The Dashboard is simple to use as you tweak wording, placement and widgets as needed. Also, the phone icon is clean and neat and eye catching.”

Michael Allen

”I was hesitant about keeping my website and handling it as I was not sure how effective it was. But, due to the increasing digital media trend, I got to know about LEADSGENERATIONCOMPANY from one of my colleagues. All I had to do was sign up with them. After signing up, I have gone from not receiving any phone calls to connecting with many leads. This was not happening before using LEADSGENERATIONCOMPANY. Trust me!”


”I opted for 14-day trial with LEADSGENERATIONCOMPANY to see if I could really increase my leads. Well, I could! With the help of the technical support team, I was able to install my lead magnets and phone widgets with ease on every page of my website. As a result, I have generated many leads for my business through my website and have also been able to connect with them while they are live.”


Graham Nelson

”We've been very happy with LEADSGENERATIONCOMPANY since we started using it several years ago.We have had plenty of prospects call us through the website widget, and the process of replying has been easy and effective. There is a phone call first, then if this is not answered, an email and sms is sent to your nominated contact person, so the lead can be easily followed up. Would recommend it!”

Marcos Oliveira Oliveira

”LEADSGENERATIONCOMPANY is the one way I can guarantee that I can get in touch with my leads while they are live on my website. The technical support guided me in setting up my phone widgets and lead magnets successfully and with ease. They were always there to resolve my queries and help me when I faced some technical problems. So, thank you LEADSGENERATIONCOMPANY and bigger thanks to your support team!”

Ron Barrett

”Requests for calls have been slow to start, maybe one a week, but you know you have a serious lead when they request a call back and the close ratio is high. It's easy to implement and I really like the automatic connection that, if you can take the call, give the prospect an immediate call back. The reaction of the prospect is surprise and appreciation.”

Catherine Montoya

”very helpful in helping me set up. I have close to 100 people visiting my capture page but no way to call them back. now I have a way to let them call me instantly creating interested leads for me. One successful sale will pay for the monthly fee as well as the cost being a tax deduction. Another tool in my tool belt!!!”



”I had my first experience today where a prospective customer clicked on the LEADSGENERATIONCOMPANY widget I installed on my website. They were very surprised how quickly I called back. I was able to answer all the questions that would not have been answered with just my website (because they were specific to that actual customer). I definitely recommend LEADSGENERATIONCOMPANYs. Merrilee Webb”

roberto manrique ramos

”Fácil de incluirlo en la web. El sistema es muy sencillo, cuando un cliente pulsa el icono del teléfono y pone su teléfono, la aplicación te llama a tu móvil y nada mas descolgar realiza la llamada al cliente. Si no puedes hablar en ese momento, la aplicación te envía un mensaje con el nombre del cliente y su teléfono. Fascinante.”

J Ayad

”LEADSGENERATIONCOMPANY is very easy to use with me not having any computer skills I was able to set up my magnets and widgets the way I wanted in less than 30 minutes and it looked very professional and unique. The technical support team was there every step of the way to guide me and answer any questions I had. Thank you!”

Bob Rieser

”I have been getting a lot of positive responses after installing the lead magnets and phone widgets. Potential clients have been able to connect with me and want to deal with me as soon as possible so that they could protect health and their homes pipes, faucets and water using appliances from hard water scale and build up. Thank you LEADSGENERATIONCOMPANY”


Rajohn Dock

”I'm excited to see how the magnet will play a role on the clients who visit sites setup was practically simplistic if I of all people was able to do it anyone that can follow instructions can beyondthat brilliant feature works effectively this far looking forward to upgrading to more volume soonawesomeworkfolks I creating such an add on totally remarkable”

Kristian Maris

”Immediate results. Very easy to set up. We are a business selling our own handmade upmarket leather dog collars and leads from our London workshop. Our customers often have questions about sizing, colour, fittings etc and it's nice for them to be able to speak immediately to a real person - which is a great personal service!”

Yatendra Kumar Sehgal

”You can easily increase your traffic on your website by using LEADSGENERATIONCOMPANY. I would seriously recommend this software to all the realtors because it is stress-free, simple and affordable! Best of all, the lead magnet and phone widgets have allowed me to talk to my leads in a way which I never could before! Thank you, LEADSGENERATIONCOMPANY!”

Kevin Murray

”I jump started my online marketing only with the help of LEADSGENERATIONCOMPANY. They were very flexible in allowing me to go with the basic plan and then change to a higher plan if needed. I did start with the basic but then went to the standard as the number of calls increased as time went on.”


Antoine de Tournemire

”I still can’t believe I have my very own lead magnet and phone widget on my website! All credit goes to LEADSGENERATIONCOMPANY! They made it tremendously easy for me to add as many phone widgets as I wanted! I’m so glad I didn’t have to spend extra money on advertising campaigns in order to secure leads.”

yong an

”I was hesitant about exploring LEADSGENERATIONCOMPANY because I thought it was just another spam email. However, their idea was very good. After waiting for several weeks to consider, I tried the 14 free trials. After the free trial was over, I signed up for their standard plan as I got at least several calls per month!”

jerry johnson

”I was hesitant about exploring LEADSGENERATIONCOMPANY because I thought it was just another spam email. Boy, am I ever glad I did. The thirty day free trial was just what got me hooked. After the free trial was over, I signed up for their standard plan as I was getting dozens of calls per month!”

Robert Crysdale

”It's been a month now but so far I am very pleased with LEADSGENERATIONCOMPANY and the ability to use this wonderful tool to capture more leads on my primary website! Brilliant idea for business owners like myself small and large. I would highly recommend them to those want that extra edge in there business!”


Judy Voruz

”I signed up with LEADSGENERATIONCOMPANY because people who contact me for counseling are wanting support right away. Being able to speak with potential clients immediately lets them know I am available and ready to respond to their needs. LEADSGENERATIONCOMPANY provides this much needed additional service. Thank you. Judy Voruz MA, CADCII, Master Addiction Counselor”

stafford braxton

”LEADSGENERATIONCOMPANY makes it very seamless for interested persons to contact us & initiate the process of securing our services. Having a number to call lets you know that they are serious about what you have to offer. LEADSGENERATIONCOMPANY is a game changer & I am fortunate to have found their services.”

Stephen Kazella

”With LEADSGENERATIONCOMPANY, I had my first call within 10 minutes of installing the HTML code on my website and publishing it. I republished the website, hopped in my truck and drove to the post office, as I pulled in I got a text message notification and called the lead back immediately.”

Anthony Fox

”I have been getting a lot of positive responses after installing the lead magnets and phone widgets. Potential clients have been able to connect with me and want to deal with me as soon as possible so very helpful for those business buyers and sellers keen to take action.”


Nickolas Amos

”With LEADSGENERATIONCOMPANY, my website is so much more functional than before because now I can capture leads as they are live on my website. I would gladly recommend people to try LEADSGENERATIONCOMPANY and see how effective it is in generating an increase in the number of leads you get.”

ananda chaloemsakunkiad

”With LEADSGENERATIONCOMPANY, my website is so much more functional than before because now I can capture leads as they are live on my website. I would gladly recommend people to try LEADSGENERATIONCOMPANY and see how effective it is in generating an increase in the number of leads you get.”

patrick montesdeoca

”EMA has been looking for ways to reach out to an audience. LEADSGENERATIONCOMPANY so far is the most direct call of action. It has produced above average closing ratios and we are thrilled. Thank you for providing a real and effective tool to generate REAL leads. Patrick MontesDeOca”

James McRoy

”LEADSGENERATIONCOMPANY is really simple to use. I was able to set up my phone widgets and lead magnets very quickly and with no hassle. Together with some other innovative automated marektng systems we are deploying, generating leads is amazingly simply - and inexpensive when using LEADSGENERATIONCOMPANY”


Aleksander Strande

”When it comes to creating professional, attractive, and effective real estate websites, it is important for the website to not just be attractive but to also be useful. Thanks to the widgets on my website, our site has taken off in the search engines like a rocket.”

Yessica Jennings

”I am extremely impressed with the service and support that we got from LEADSGENERATIONCOMPANY. It is the easiest and the best software connecting leads with agents til date. If you haven’t got in touch with LEADSGENERATIONCOMPANY yet, then I would suggest that you should.”

luis ruvalcaba

”I have been getting a lot of positive responses after installing the lead magnets and phone widgets. Potential clients have been able to connect with me and want to deal with me as soon as possible so that they could buy a good home.”

hartley white

”We just installed LEADSGENERATIONCOMPANY and are overwhelmed by the response. The is one of the most creative and successful marketing tools that I have seen in my 40 years of working in the financial industry. In a nutshell, we are delighted.”


Darren Bainbridge

”We were getting a lot of traffic, but no much conversion from our website, With LEADSGENERATIONCOMPANY, I've have been getting a lot of conversions. The simple phone widgets works, prospects fill in the form, knowing they are going to get a callback.”

christopher delany

”After some initial hurdles the system is now running well. It is too early to find out how much effect the system ist having on my business. But I have a good impression of the tool. Many thanks!”

David Korpi

”Choosing LEADSGENERATIONCOMPANY is one the wisest decision I’ve ever made! It is cost-effective, and gives me the chance to talk to my potential customers which I would not have been able to do before. Worth a try, folks!”

alan beracierto

”I now have over 1300 people visiting my site every day and not only are they conducting searches but they are registering for my site, providing all contact information which enables me to convert them into leads.”


Harry Davis

”If it’s leads you are looking for, then LEADSGENERATIONCOMPANY is all you’ll need. From my personal experience, I found the lead magnet and phone widget to be very effective in securing leads and converting them into sales.”

chithra bhaskar

”We have just started using 1 day before and would like to use it for couple of weeks to take formal subscription. Its definitely a good use case handling and the trial offered is helpful to assess”

Mark Alexander Walden Walden

”Were living in a right now information world if you know that your business has a shot, if not you struggle to survive. LEADSGENERATIONCOMPANY looks like an easy and fast solution to success!! Mark, CEO Destiny77”


”LEADSGENERATIONCOMPANY is ideal for any agent trying to impress their clients with a professional, sleek, tech-driven website which provides interaction between agent and lead. I've been very pleased with the overall functionality of my site.”


Vincent Wells

”My experience with LEADSGENERATIONCOMPANY has been great! I'm gaining new leads that I would otherwise not have. People like the ability to talk with someone immediately while they are visiting my website.”

Daniel Peterson

”People are amazed at how fast the system connects you to them. Plus you get their contact info so if you miss them you can email and text them. This is a no brainer!”

priscilla james

”By using this service, I was able to generate a significant number of leads that I wouldnt have been able to acquire through other means. It was a valuable asset to my business.”

Chris Powell

”I have been very pleased with the overall look and functionality of the widgets using the LEADSGENERATIONCOMPANY software. I am delighted to have all amazing features to boost the growth of my business.”


Gary Nilsen

”It was getting difficult to see whether there was traffic on my website. That’s when I decided to sign up with LEADSGENERATIONCOMPANY. Now I am able to convert leads directly into sales.”

Aaron Weathers

”This is an amazing service. Once you integrate it to your website, your phone won't stop ringing. Great customer service, our agent Andy walked us throughout the whole process. You guys Rock!”

Gene Mock

”This is one of the greatest inventions on the internet! It's better than a chat box by a mile. It allows real people to talk to real people. What a novel concept!”

ron katz

”It is amazing to be able to talk with potential leads while they are still on your website. The clients are pleasantly surprised to the quick attention you are giving them.”


tim cunningham

”LEADSGENERATIONCOMPANY works. I talk to at least three prospects a month using the service and they are so impressed that they are half sold already by the quickness of my response.”

Rene Navas

”This has been very user friendly! I've been getting the reaction of wow that was fast that's a great thing to have in a website that has a lot of traffic”

golf asian

”This service makes an immediate difference in getting people on the phone right away before they have a chance to turn around and surf off to a competitor's website.”

aras arasilango

”I am totally amazed at the speed of implementation of these people The service was awesome as well. We are new in here but so far so good”


mark keiser

”I like the idea about immediate conversions. I have no doubt that this will increase my sales. The app is so easy to use and install. great Job”

jake freedman

”LEADSGENERATIONCOMPANY was very easy to use; it has the best software to help you efficiently launch your business. Thanking you every day for the great promotional opportunity.”

Jay Goins

”Excellent experience with LEADSGENERATIONCOMPANY!!! It makes things wayyy more personable with potential clients. They feel special when they get immediate access to the attorney.”

Brian Conway

”I've been very pleased with LEADSGENERATIONCOMPANY so far. I've only been using the widget for about 2 months now, but it works very well!”


massimo giorgio giorgio

”Being able to receive a call from someone instantly after filling out the phone number for contact on their site is a good idea.”

Raymond Barrell

”I am a new customer to 'LEADSGENERATIONCOMPANY.' I was very pleased with the service offered for help with my listing. Well Done!”

Matt Ross

”I am now running a trial with LEADSGENERATIONCOMPANY and am impressed with the technology. I plan to continue with a full program.”

Courtney Smith

”LEADSGENERATIONCOMPANY has provided me with a great user friendly way to connect with my leads thereby increasing my leads tenfold. Glad I found them!”


Wallace Hall Hall

”LEADSGENERATIONCOMPANY is really simple to use. I was able to set up my phone widgets and lead magnets very quickly and with no hassle.”

Fitzgerald & Campbell, APLC

”LEADSGENERATIONCOMPANY is value for money as I have been able to reach out to leads which I had not been able to do before!”

Alexander Newsome

”LEADSGENERATIONCOMPANY seems to be a good system to help close a sale or turn a lead into a conversion more quickly.”

Paul Douglas

”LEADSGENERATIONCOMPANY works instantly and has the potential to increase or business by double. Great working, simple instructions and great support staff.”


Global Gate Tax Services

”LEADSGENERATIONCOMPANY is great. I get a lot of leads that would've left our page if it weren't for them. Thanks!”

Victor Beraja

”LEADSGENERATIONCOMPANY has superb customer service. I received text, email, and live support being able to solve my concern in a single call.”

Majid Saedifar

”Hi I hope you are great I have just started to work. So, I need more time to give you an appropriate comment.”

Tony Savage

”I am very satisfied with LEADSGENERATIONCOMPANY, its fast, affordable and the phone widgets and lead magnets are easy to set up!”


rick love

”Love the Widget, it helps you get people reaching out to you and engaging, with allows you to close more sells.”

Nikki Hollender

”LEADSGENERATIONCOMPANY is a great tool to talk immediately with leads on your website that you may loose otherwise”

Rigo Hernandez

”Working with LEADSGENERATIONCOMPANY has been seamless from start to finish. Their team is incredibly talented and easy to work with.”

Stefan Vreeburg

”I love my widgets and magnets. LEADSGENERATIONCOMPANY has helped me from start to finish. Their support is amazing.”


sam senawi

”I was skeptical at first but decided to try it and certainly glad I did. Well worth the money.”


”My new website is doing great in terms of attracting traffic than I ever had. All thanks to LEADSGENERATIONCOMPANY.”

rich earle

”So far so Good. We at this point think it is a valuable addition to our customer service program.”

Steve Vacker

”LEADSGENERATIONCOMPANY has been very easy to use. I recommend every agent serious about their business give them a try.”


Mike Nuzzi

”Thanks to the widgets on my website, our site has taken off in the search engines like a rocket.”

tina brigitini

”I am pleased with this product. Immediately began getting hotleads within a day of installing. A must have!”

paul keever

”I love it, it's so easy to use, take me no time to create my widgets and magnets.”

Renu Pillay

”Seems to be a good idea to switch to LEADSGENERATIONCOMPANY. I will see how it will work out.”


dr. jermaine gordon

”LEADSGENERATIONCOMPANY was simple and straightforward to use. Helped my customers to get better in touch with my business.”

William Tucker Tucker

”Great service and I would recommend a lot of business owners to take advantage of there service.”

jeremy goldfinch

”It's early days, but so far the support has been good and i'm hoping for great things...”

David Smith

”This service has allowed me to increase my contact ratio by 30%. i recommend using this company.”


Excell Investigations

”This service has allowed me to increase my contact ratio by 30%. i recommend using this company.”

Javin Raber

”Just getting set up. So far I am very possitive with what I am seeing. Thank you”

debora evangelista

”servizio veloce ed attento ho ricevuto i Codici e funzionano sia sulla GDO che su Amazon”

ted widen

”Great Product, simple to install on your site and easy for the customers to use”


Joe Ialacci

”It is easy but should have given more options to change its color and effects.”

Missy Adams

”LEADSGENERATIONCOMPANY has helped me with setting up my lead magnet and phone widgets. Thank You.”

Greg Haxton

”Easy to install, great directions. Going to try this instead of chat for awhile”

ombeni maleo eliakimu

”it seems to work very good ture surfers on my web site to conversations”


Joel Davisson

”Love the Widget, it helps you get people reaching out to you and engaging.”

marcus wood

”LEADSGENERATIONCOMPANY is vital for any company needing instant contact with clients. I strongly recommend it.”

Luis Alberto Sanchez SANCHEZ

”an innovative service, easy to use and indispensable that every website must have”

Norman Fernandez

”It is an excellent idea. I am sure it will provide more leads.”


David Bantey

”This has been very user friendly and their customer service has been great!”

saeed Badry

”i started using LEADSGENERATIONCOMPANYs today, it seems easy and benefacial”

clay townsend

”Decent so far. Have only been using it for one day.”

cyril guazzi guazzi

”LEADSGENERATIONCOMPANY vous aide à trouver des prospects, c'est génial”


Briana Acosta

”LEADSGENERATIONCOMPANY vous aide à trouver des prospects, c'est génial”

Anthony Roe ROE


Rob Panzarella

”So far seems good, but I'm just trying it out.”

Robert Lovell

”Still trying to figure it out but great so far!”


Mike Zucker

”Ta;lk with Lead helped us get more direct motorcycle leads”

Revardo Pretlow

”LEADSGENERATIONCOMPANYs have assisted us in getting new customers.”

Account Representative

”This tool looks pretty impressive so I'm testing it out.”

Abraham Cannon

”Great software! Easy to use and many customizable options.”


ken taboh

”I am very happy with LEADSGENERATIONCOMPANY. It really works!”

wassim yassine

”I Love your system it makes so much sense...”

Ennex Design

”Thanks! 3 phone calls and its not even lunch!”


”you were the answer i have been looking for!!!”


richard presser

”Early days but it looks to be helpful.”

ramon perez

”It is excellent software I love very much.”

Nadeem Zafar

”Its good, satisfied with LEADSGENERATIONCOMPANY Widget.”

David Cohen

”LEADSGENERATIONCOMPANY has been great for my business.”


Colin Katz

”Great companies to grow your business.”

gurdip singh

”Great widget, does what it says”

Shailendra Singh

”This has been very user friendly!”

albert stoffel

”Very fast and straight forward system!”


dominic morabito

”Very impressive and easy to understand”

salman fazil

”Great customer support - kn”

Noe ortiz

”Great software and great price!”

ronald lynch

”This is a phenomenal tool..”


Manuel Agüero

”This pluggin is very good”

Marc Del Priore

”Great Job!! Thank you!!”

Steve Messri

”Happy with the program”

Jeremy Michalski

”it is really useful”


Pradeep soni

”Let me explore more.”

gigi stetler

”so far so good”

stacy carter

”Very good customer service.”

Nilesh Nandan

”Works great, very cool!”


Mohammad Khanfer

”Best Software Solutions”

don goode

”Easy as ABC”

Robert Cook

”Easy to install.”

jay amin

”Good to have!”


Pushpinder Puri

”it is great”

GIOSTAR Hospitals

”Its great platform.”

Aravind Kesav

”its really useful”

Jim Reynolds

”They are great?”


Ms. Umaimah

”they are supportive”

ron squires

”Very Very good!”

EMS Tutoring

”Excellent service.”

david tolbert

”Excellent service.”


shannon smith

”Game Changer!”


”Good Service”

Julio Grullon

”Great App”

demetri suliman

”great company”


M. Adan

”Great system”

thaijhonna willis

”i like”


”its Good”

Sima Livny

”thank you”


patrick paul

”thank you”

Akash Ganatra

”Thats great”

Himanshu Yadav


Matthew Crawley



Jaspreet Singh


Paul Redrovan Redrovan


nicole laborde